Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Physical Therapy Progress

Today my PT gave me the good news that my back was in alignment on first inspection! That would explain why for years I have felt as if one leg was longer than the other. Turns out I wasn't crazy. My tight hip was actually torquing my spine which was affecting the tracking of the opposite knee. This chain of events lead to the knee pain. So resting longer wouldn't have helped a thing.

There continue to be some tight, stubborn muscles fighting to put me off balance again but I just need to continue to stretch and release them. I also have a lot of hip strengthening to do. Now that my body is straightened out I am hoping to add some pain-free mileage. As of now I am running 1-2 miles quite happily a couple times per week but I pay for it with a stiff/sore left knee for the next day or so. It helps if I stretch before and after and if I avoid sitting with a bent knee, to avoid the dreaded "theatre sign".

Things are looking up. I'm really itching to get back to training with all my running friends! Every day my half marathon date inches closer...


  1. I had the hip injury issue when training for my last race and it was tough to work with...I hope though that all the PT exercises and cross training will help put you back in running condition soon!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Muriel. I had my first pain free run the other day. : )